Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A School Social

I am on a roll with blogging so I am not stopping!!!

Tonight William went to his first social!!! He was super excited and was keen to have his hair spiked and done, but at the moment it is rather long so the spike thing was a little hard to do!!! However I found some blue hairspray which he thought was pretty cool!
All week the school has had a group in teaching all the kids dance moves, William came home on Monday showing me the bum dance and was super excited to show us how the moves were done in typical Will style!!!! I didn't go with him I left that job to Ryan BUT I heard he was having a super time and was going crazy busting out the dance moves!!!!! I know he doesn't get those moves from his Dad as it would have only been a two step shuffle!!!!

Here is the little dude!

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